A Beginner’s Guide to Owning Property in Florida

There is a lot of excitement when transitioning from a renter to a homeowner. But it is important that the excitement doesn’t overshadow some avoidable mistakes. There are a few things every beginner homeowner should know before diving headfirst into home ownership. 


The best thing about shopping for new homes Groveland is the area. Everyone talks about the beauty of the area, and how spacious it can be if you want to expand. Neighborhoods are not cramped together, and the community is always nice and helpful. These are all qualities that are exceedingly important to new homeowners. The house can be a bargain, but is pretty worthless if everything around it is unbearable. Pay close attention to the area, its people and the overall state of the community. 

Property in Florida


How is the weather? Hot and humid, or wet and rainy? Is the home in a known flood zone? Sometimes homes are priced well below their market value due to the amount of maintenance required to keep them standing. You don’t want to plunk money down on a livable space in the middle of a disaster area. Check the current and past disasters to make sure that your new home is not in the danger zone. If online resources fail to pinpoint a problem, you can always talk to a potential home insurance company. Home insurance is notoriously fickle with their restrictions, so will have no trouble letting you know if the new home is in a bad natural disaster area. 


Don’t let a high price fool you into thinking a home is high quality. With that same thought, don’t assume a low price means that there is something wrong with the home. Home prices fluctuate for a variety of reasons, and should never be taken solely at numerical value. Do your research by checking the history of the home and surrounding area. Speak to neighbors if possible, and always visit the home in both the daytime and nighttime. While everything looks picture perfect in the daytime, nighttime activities may show a completely different story. 


In Florida, you can get some really good deals on insurance. New homeowners in particular get the best deals. Sometimes the seller of the home will pay off a full year of insurance as part of the closing. If you’re a first-time homeowner, always ask for these deals upfront. Don’t be shy about mentioning how new you are to homeownership. The type of deals you’ll get for this recognition is a once in a lifetime prize. 

With all of that said, read the fine print of any insurance deal. Sometimes the things you want covered the most are available as a separate package. Don’t let that turn into a nasty surprise as you file the first claim!

It’s Yours

Owning property in Florida is a life changing experience. Affordable homes are hard to find, but Florida is one of the few exceptions to this rule. Take it slow, and the rest of home ownership will be like a walk in the park.

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