7 Best Tips For Work-At-Home Moms

Everything might slowly go back to normal after a long and difficult time of the pandemic, but not everything is going back to how it used to. Most companies realize that in actuality, work can still be done effectively even when employees are not staying at the office. Thus why nowadays it is easy to find people working from home or doing a hybrid working mode. 

Transitioning to a new way of working can be difficult, especially for mothers. Because let’s face it, working while children are around can be a nightmare! When the mom is at home, the kids might demand round-the-clock attention, and they can’t understand that even though you are at home – you still have the responsibility to work too. On top of that being a parent on a meeting or conference call can also be overwhelming.

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To help all working moms get through this difficult situation, we have outlined some effective tips that will help make your life as a working mom more productive at home. Keep on reading to know more!

Maintain a Routine

After waking up the kids and getting everything ready for them, you might also have to help your children as they are getting ready for school. This might be easier for you, as you will have some free time to work in the morning until your child is coming back home. 

But for a mom with a toddler, you might have to get them ready and prioritize their morning routine first, such as waking them up, bathing them, and giving breakfast to your little one. You might also need to play with them for a while to keep them pacified.

Don’t forget that you also need to pay attention to your routine, not just your kids. You might want to have time for meditation first, having breakfast and a shower, among other things. Make it a part of your routine, so that you don’t get overwhelmed every day. Your body will know what to do next without worry. Create a specific working start time for you every day.

You should also still wear what makes you feel perfect and confident even when you only work at home. Working from home does not mean that you can only use pajamas during working hours!

Create a Comfortable Workspace

Just because you don’t work in an office doesn’t mean you can’t have a workspace at home. In actuality having a professional set-up in your home is important for improving productivity. Because having a specialized working space will help increase your attention, energy, and even self-confidence while working. Moreover, it will keep you away from the children for a while if you need time!

Having this space is good when you need focus time to finish dealing with work or even conduct a peaceful meeting without your child crying for your attention in the background. 

Some things to consider when creating a workspace are chairs that are comfortable and have back support. Adjust the chair to support your back with a small pillow to avoid severe back pain after working for a long time. 

Consider upgrading your hardware as well. Having outdated equipment will affect your productivity and efficiency, wasting your time and ruining your routine. Get a PC setup or a laptop that’s great for work, like the Dell Latitude E7450. Features you should consider are the RAM needed for the programs you use, SSD, great battery life, and depending on your work, a bigger screen size.

Set Limits

Childcare experts say it is very important to set boundaries with children when working from home. You have to let your kids know when you need to be in “Do Not Disturb” mode, so they’ll give you time to get the work done.

Keep Children Entertained

Prepare some toys, books, or activities that your child likes. This will help keep them engaged while improving their skills and allowing you to focus on your work.

Pay Attention to Your Rest Time

Mothers need to rest in between when getting the office and household work done. Having proper rest time is very important when working at home, especially for mothers who have children. 

Stop working when it’s time for a lunch break, and after office hours. Don’t overdrive yourself because it will affect your health if done in a long term.

Change Shifts with Your Partner

If your husband also works from home, then changing shifts with each other can be a good option. This can make working remotely easier and more productive for both of you. Keep in mind that the kids and household matters are not only the responsibility of the mother.

A Balance Between Work and Mother’s Duties

As a mother, when working from home, it’s important to take care of each other’s personal and professional lives. Let the stress and ideas about work stay within the clock and vice versa. As mentioned above, do not exceed working hours, and know when to take breaks. 

It is also the same thing when taking care of household matters. Know when you need a break or extra help to get you through the day. For example, you might want to consider hiring for ad hoc cleaning from time to time to ensure you don’t have to do it by yourself.

Cleaning the house needs extra energy, so it might be better if you preserve the energy for other important things. It is also okay to call in for reinforcement from your closest family member to ask them to help you take care of the child. Whatever makes your life easiest, you should try to do it.

Being a working mom who stays at home is not always easy. But with a proper strategy, everything will be much better for you!

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