7 Advantages of Electric Cattle Fencing

When it comes to keeping cattle, you want to know that you can rely on the equipment you’re using. Not everyone is in agreement when it comes to what kind of fencing to use, especially when it comes to electric fencing. Before you completely write them off, here are 7 great advantages you could reap if you consider adding them to your cattle equipment.

Electric Fencing

It’s Easy To Install

Good quality electric cattle fencing, like Fence Fast Redi Driver, doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting to put together. It doesn’t need a lot of tools and can actually be installed by one person. In fact, it could be easier to install than a regular fence, and who doesn’t want to spend less time putting up a cattle fence?

It’s Durable

Because an electric fence has fewer impact points on cattle, it simply lasts much longer. Once the cattle come into contact with it, there are far less likely to damage or trample the wires, allowing you to have a working fence for much longer.

It’s Low Maintenance

The only maintenance that’s required is ensuring that the wire is still in one piece and functional. There are no posts to really repair, but you do have to check it regularly to ensure that brush, rain, and snow haven’t impeded your wire in any way. But it’s much easier than having to maintain a regular fence with more parts that need repair.

It’s Economical

Electrical wire is a fraction of the cost compared to barbed wire or high tensile fencing. And because the posts and wire are so affordable, the installation of the electric fencing is cheaper as well.

Another bonus is that because it needs fewer repairs overall in comparison to other types of fencing, then you’re also saving money on having to buy new equipment to do a replacement.

It Works Anywhere

Most electrical fencing has three power options for you to choose from (or combine, depending on where you’re getting your electrical fence from). There’s solar, battery, and AC, and each provides you with the flexibility you need to install, maintain, and service your electric fence no matter what kind of region you live in.

It’s Effective And Safe For Your Cattle

Barbed wire is effective at keeping cattle rangled, as well as keeping out predators, but it can be quite harmful to them too, so you have to spend the extra effort taking care of their wounds. Electrical fencing, on the other hand, achieves both goals and has fewer risks of injury.

It’s Lightweight And Easy To Move

If you ever need to change where your fencing boundaries are, electrical fencing makes it easy for you to do. You can reconfigure it in any way you want, or move it entirely to a different area of your farm.

Electrical fencing could be the solution you’ve been looking for when it comes to keeping your cattle safe. If you’re interested in adding one to your farm, feel free to contact your nearest supplier to see what kind of electrical fence best suits your needs.

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