6 Simple Steps To Keep Your Carpets Clean For A Longer Time!

One of the most expensive investments in your home is the carpets. They cost $4 to $5 per square foot and elevate the aesthetic and ambience of your home. However, the constant exposure of environmental pollutants to dust, Dirt, grain, spillage stains, or pet peeves diminishes their shine and makes them no longer look appealing as they once were.

If you want to learn some ways to keep your carpet clean and maintain it for long-serving, here are six simple steps to help you look cleaner for a longer time.

Carpet Cleaning

  1. Opt for door mats

The first way to stop dust, Dirt, and grime from coming into contact with the rugs and carpets is by preventing them from coming right to the doorstep. An effective way is to opt for outdoor and indoor door mats. It can help you reduce the amount of Dirt that gets inside your house through the shoes. Request the visitors and family members to wipe their shoes with them before entering your home.

  1. Prevent wearing everyday shoes inside the house

You can step ahead of door mats by ditching the shoes you wear outside from inside your house. Keep separate shoes outdoors and indoors, as it will prevent chemicals, bacteria, Dirt, and even faecal matter from getting trapped in your rugs and carpets through your boots. Keep a shoe rack in the entry hallway of your house to change into indoor shoes or footwear when coming back to the house.

  1. Air filter cleaning is important

An important reason to clean your air filters regularly is that the more filtrates jam the air filters, the more it will cause the bacteria and germs to fall back on the surrounding air and eventually land on your carpet. Dirty air filters can also cost you more energy by burdening your HVAC system to get the workload. 

That is why it is always suggested to change your air filters at least every three months and two months if you have a pet staying inside your home.

  1. Clean your carpets regularly

It is essential to take time at least twice every week to vacuum the carpet and rugs properly. While cleaning, you must also keep the vacuum bags and filter in check, as a full bag may cause the vacuum to lose its suction frequency. If you are tired of doing this all by yourself, then hiring carpet cleaners solutions is the right thing for you!

  1. Do not let the stains sit on your carpet

It does not matter how minor a spillage is. The longer it sits on the carpet, the harder it will be to remove it later. Always use a cloth or paper towel to blot the stain instead of rubbing it, as it can do more damage than good. Another point you must remember is never to use a coloured cloth for blotting as it can transfer the dye and double your problem. 

  1. Deep clean at least once every year

Even if you are vacuuming the carpet twice a week, a vacuum can sometimes not pull the dust, Dirt, stains, and grease that gets settled deep into the roots but only pulls out what is on the surface. That is why a professional-grade deep cleaning at least once every year is essential, restoring the elegance of your carpet just as new.


Hiring professional service is an effective way to clean your rugs and carpets deep once every year. However, if you plan to cut costs on professional services and do the cleaning yourself or make a list, do some R & D and get an affordable deal! 

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