5 More DIY Valentine's Day Cards

My post on 3 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards is pretty popular, and I’m not surprised. A Valentine card means more when you make it yourself. So here are 5 More DIY Valentine’s Day Cards to consider:
Superhero Valentine 7
Superhero Valentine. Print out the cape and goggles and attach them to a lollipop. The cape says, “Have a SUPER Valentine’s Day!”
Cut Out Red Heart Valentine. Print out the template and pull out the scissors to make this cut-out Valentine.
owl always love you card c
Owl Always Love You Valentine. Learn how to make these felt owls and attach them to a homemade card.
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Valentine’s Day Cootie Catcher. Print out the template and fold into a cootie catcher.
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Stick ‘Em Up Valentine. When you pull the paper gun out of the holster, there’s a stick of gum attached. Cute.

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