5 Key Signs of Domestic Violence to Be Aware Of

Of the many crimes that a person can commit, domestic violence is among the most shameful. Unfortunately, however, one in four women and one in four men are victims of domestic violence on average, going to show how prevalent this crime is. By learning everything there is to know about domestic violence, including the leading indicators that it may be occurring, a person can contact the authorities to protect those around them.

domestic violence

What is Domestic Violence?

For those unfamiliar with the term, domestic violence refers to any pattern of behavior in an intimate relationship that is used to exert control, power, or influence over another person. Most people believe that domestic violence can only occur between two romantic partners, but it can actually be between any two people who have a close relationship, such as family members.  

5 Leading Indicators of Domestic Violence

The first steps towards dissecting the complexity of domestic violence in intimate relationships is learning what the common signs of this criminal act look like. Each of the five indicators should cause alarm bells to go off if seen in a person 

1. A person has excuses for constant injuries

Should you notice that someone you know constantly seems to have injuries that they explain away, yet the explanation doesn’t match the injury, it’s possible that they may be experiencing domestic violence. Keep in mind that everybody gets injured at some point, but if a person’s injuries are constant and in areas which are easy to hide, there may be cause for concern. 

2. A person is always checking in with their partner

One key sign of domestic violence is one person who is constantly checking in with their partner. This could involve them informing their partner of their whereabouts all the time, asking their partner for permission to go do every little thing, or something else. 

3. A person has odd personality changes

While personality changes are certainly normal within a person as they age and go through different life experiences, take note of any serious changes that coincide with a person starting a new relationship. Mood swings and other odd changes could be representative of underlying issues. 

4. A person wears clothes that don’t match the weather

A common method to hide injuries used by domestic violence victims is wearing clothes which hide the injuries, but in some cases these clothes will not match the weather outdoors. Take note of any close friends who always seem to be wearing long-sleeves and pants regardless of the temperature. 

5. A person never seems to have money on hand anymore

Finally, if someone you know who is quite smart with money never seems to have funds anymore, consider whether or not their partner may be taking advantage of them financially. 

Protect those you care for through vigilance

While the above signs on their own may not be indicative of domestic violence, they paint a scary potential picture when combined. Should you suspect that someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, yet they don’t seem to open up with you, consider looking into the situation further and contacting the authorities if necessary.

Breaking the silence surrounding domestic violence is crucial in empowering survivors and preventing further harm. By speaking out about their experiences and seeking support, survivors can begin the journey towards healing and safety. It’s essential for communities to create a supportive environment where survivors feel comfortable breaking their silence and accessing the resources they need to break free from abusive relationships.

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