5 Halloween-Themed Snacks

Here’s some fun after-school Halloween-themed snacks that are easy to make (more or less) and healthy too.
bat bites 1024
Bat Bites: Grape “bats” with black tortilla chip “wings” perched above cheese cubes.
IMG 6131
Monster Sandwiches: Round sandwich bread, olive eyes, and cheese teeth.
025 spider eggs copy
Spider Deviled Eggs: Deviled eggs with olive “spiders” on top.
DSC 0169
Apple Mouths: Slice apples, hold them together with peanut butter, and add marshmallows for the teeth.
Tangerine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts 3
Tangerine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts: Tangerines with celery stems make good pumpkins and banana ghosts with chocolate chips for eyes.

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