5 Football-Shaped Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl 2014! Woo!
(I really think it should be “Superbowl,” one word, but I guess that’s incorrect.)
Here are 5 relatively easy Football-Shaped Super Bowl Snacks for your Super Bowl Party.
football deviled eggs
Football Deviled Eggs. What do you know? Deviled eggs are already football shaped! All you have to do is add some green onions for the laces.
savvyhousekeeping 5 football-shaped super bowl superbowl snacks party
Super Bowl Football Pepperoni Pizza. Pile the pepperoni in the center of the pizza like a football and add some cheese for the lacing.
Football Shaped Sandwiches.2
Football Shaped Sandwiches. Cut rye bread into football shapes and make sandwiches.
Football Cheese Plate
Football Cheese Plate. Lay out some cheese, crackers, and salami in the form of a football.
Football Pizza Pockets 5 copy
Football Pizza Pockets. The most involved on this list, these are pizza dough cut into pockets, filled with pizza filling, and baked. Looks yummy.
Go team!

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