5 Creative Ways To Store Wrapping Paper

Rolls of wrapping paper tend to thump around in your closet if you don’t make an effort to store them. Here are 5 Creative Ways To Store Wrapping Paper:
1. HANG THEM FROM A CLOSET CEILING. Put that wasted space to good use.
wrapping paper tension rod lgn
2. FENCE THEM OFF WITH A TENSION ROD. Stand them against the wall so they won’t fall over.
Wrapping Paper Garment Bag
3. PUT THEM IN A CLEAR GARMENT BAG. Then hang the bag in a spare closet.
gift wrap storage
4. STICK THEM IN A TRASH CAN. This is great if you need to access the wrapping paper all year long.
IMG 4287
5. INSTALL RACKS ON THE BACK OF A DOOR. Turn it into an entire gift wrap station.

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