3 Problems with Exterior Home Paints (And How to Fix Them)

For all professional exterior house painters, Auckland’s warm and coastal weather is a worry. It often has a deteriorating effect on your home’s exterior paint, which is an annual hassle. 

The exterior painted portions face various weather conditions that can put a dent in their quality. With time, you will see a chipped, faded, and discoloured paint job in no time. 

So what causes these exterior paints to decay? Let us find out.

exterior house painting

#1 Cracked Surface or Alligatoring

Have you noticed cracked patterns over your home’s exterior wall paint? They resemble reptilian skin and are excess in some areas than others. 

Alligatoring can occur due to various reasons. One of the reasons is oil paint. Paints with oil tend to lose elasticity and crack over time. It can also happen because someone applied the second coat of paint over the first coat without seeing if the latter has dried or not.

Of course, the paint can also crack due to natural reasons. For example, the painted surface might expand and contract, which causes the paint film to crack and break apart. 

A solution to this is to remove old paint bits and films, sand off the bumps and repaint for a new, glossy finish. It is best to call expert exterior house painters in Auckland who have professional knowledge in choosing the correct paint base.

#2 Saggy and Droopy Surface

Auckland has varying levels of rain all year round. For example, winter has more rainy days than summer. And the constant dampness, your exterior house wall will have a droopy and saggy look. 

There are many reasons for this occurrence, such as heavy painting. For example, if the painter has applied multiple coats of paint, it might heave and droop. 

Another issue is the lack of priming. The paint will look soggy and droopy if the painter has not primed a supposed glossy surface. The best solution to this issue is to hire a professional external house painter who understands all the steps to a complete paint job. 

A skilful painter will distribute and spread out the paint evenly to avoid a saggy look. They will also sand a glossy surface to help it hold the colour in place. Not to forget, they understand the viscosity levels of the coats of paint. 

Professional Auckland painters know better than overloading a home’s exterior surface under local weather conditions. 

#3 Paint Peeling Off

Do you notice the paint films peeling off the exterior walls of your home? Sometimes, a thinner slice of paint layer might peel off, leaving behind a faded paint mark over the walls. 

Bad weather conditions and unprofessional paint jobs are usually the reasons behind peeled paint. Additionally, un-prepped wall surfaces and dirty walls cause paint to peel off. Sometimes, some painters slack off by using low-quality paint, which cracks easily and peels off. 

The best solution to this is to repaint the walls. A professional will clear off old paint and prime the surface, not before cleaning off any debris or gunk. 

And since Auckland has a wetter climate for major parts of the year, experienced painters know to use high-quality latex paints that stay glossy and neat for longer. 


In closing, natural weather conditions and unprofessional house paint jobs can cost you. So ensure that you invest in professional exterior house painters to do their best. 

House painting is not two coats of paint to get the job done quicker. A surface needs to be cleaned, sanded, primed and painted for an ultra-clean and bright finish. So choose your house painter wisely to experience a beautiful and bright look for your home.

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