2015 Garden Tour Part 3

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Elsewhere in the garden:
Fruit! All new this year, I’m getting apples, nectarines, currants, grapes, and figs. This is on top of strawberries and mulberries.
Volunteer plants. My compost didn’t heat up enough to kill the seeds this year, so I’m getting volunteers everywhere this year. Much of it is squash plants like these taking over my strawberry bed. I’m letting them grow. I figure hey, free food.

Experiment bed:
This is what I call my “experiment bed.” It’s right in front of the house, so it gets very dry and hot no matter how I much I water. It’s also open below to gophers and voles, so I have to plant things they won’t eat.
So far the only thing that has survived is sunflowers, if I can get them to grow past being tasty little snacks for the birds. But this year I discovered something else that seems to like the box:
Eggplant. This plant has been completely neglected, and it’s growing. It seems to like the heat. And so far, the voles are leaving it alone.

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