10 Tips for Installing Affordable, Efficient Fencing Around Your Home

When you’re a homeowner, every cent you spend on home improvement projects needs to count. Otherwise, you can quickly find your home becoming an expense, rather than an asset. One of the most valuable projects you can perform to build on your home’s wealth is installing a quality fence. Even for budget-conscious homeowners, there are amazing fencing options to consider. To start you off on this journey, here are ten tips for installing affordable, efficient fencing around your home: 

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1. Choose the Right Material

Material is everything when it comes to installing a high-quality, attractive fence around your home. Depending on the environment you live in, the terrain you’re installing the fence into, and the look of your neighbor’s homes, the material you’ll end up going with can vary wildly. However, wood fences are still seen as the gold standard in many parts of the country, and can boost your home’s equity value.  

2. Use Quality Post Pounders

Especially if you’re installing a fence on your own, having post pounder equipment that can handle the job safely and efficiently is of the utmost importance. Buying or renting post pounder attachments for skid steer machinery is the best way to go if you want to get a project done quickly and effectively. However, less expensive methods (both on a pro and DIY level) are available as well. 

3. Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fencing can provide an iconic, down-to-Earth feel to any home. If you live out in the countryside, the aesthetic of a split rail fence is even more impressive. Since these fences often require fewer individual posts to complete, they can be a great choice for budget-conscious homeowners who are looking to spice up their property’s look in 2022.  By choosing the right fence for your property, you can perfect your backyard for the upcoming winter season! 

4. Use Old Pallets 

One of the cheapest, most efficient, and often attractive materials you can use when creating a fence project on your own are leftover palettes. The amount, shape, and style of wood palettes are crafted from allows them to be repurposed for tons of DIY projects, after all. If you start your home fencing project from scratch and have a ton of old pallets lying around, you’re setting yourself up to save a fortune on materials. 

5. The Picket Fence is Still In

Despite it being very “Leave it to Beaver” in appearances, the classical picket fence remains hyper-popular among homeowners. Especially in suburban areas, picket fences have remained a commonplace choice. If you want to make your home more attractive to your average suburban renter or home buyer, your property will benefit greatly from the addition of a quality, appropriately-styled picket fence. 

6. Create a Fence Using Shrubbery 

Not all fences must be made using posts, wood, and metal! Many homes opt to create natural fencing using shrubs and other greenery. If you’re able to pull off this look, the classiness of your home will skyrocket! Just remember, you’ll need to perform frequent maintenance on your plants to ensure the fence stays solid. If you let the plants die, this strategy can create a macabre barrier around your home. 

7. Pros Can Help You Save a Buck

Trying to do a project all on your own can end up costing you a ton down the line. Improper installation, sloppy repairs, and other quick DIY fixes are not always the right choice – especially if you’re doing home improvements in hopes of selling your home. When it comes to complex, difficult, or large-scale projects, it’s best to let the pros help you out. 

8. Consider DIY Methods and Projects 

Plants and palettes are not the only two major DIY considerations budget-conscious homeowners should consider when investing in fencing. There are many amazing DIY fence projects out there for you to sink your teeth into, after all, so make sure to do your research ahead of time! 

9. Take Your Home’s Aesthetic into Consideration 

If you want your fence to pack value onto your home, you need to ensure its look, materials and build fit the larger aesthetic of your home (and property). By doing so, you ensure you will not have to make potentially expensive and frustrating updates to your fence before putting it onto the market later on down the line. 

10. Consider Future Maintenance Needs Now

The more pre-planning you do regarding maintenance and repairs, the more you’ll save on keeping your fence up-to-date over the next few decades. If you fail to take these considerations seriously, however, you may end up spending an arm and a leg to get your fence back into an attractive state. 

Unlock Your Dream Fencing Setup in 2022

With the right grit and determination, you can easily unlock your dream fencing setup in 2022. Every one of these tips is intended to point you in the right direction. Be vigilant in your planning and you will make your home more attractive than ever before!

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