10 Signs of Codependency: Are You a People-Pleaser?

 Codependency in relationships can be a real problem sometimes. You might not start that way in a relationship, but things can quickly reach that point. You may not realize things have progressed that far, though.

 You can always seek out mental health services if you feel you need to get away from a codependent relationship. You can also check out our list of signs that you have reached this territory.

signs of codependency in relationship

 You Have No Other Friends 

You may be in a codependent relationship if your partner or spouse is the only person with whom you spend any time. If neither of you has any other friends, that is a possible sign of codependency.

 You Feel Low if the Person You Are in a Relationship with Puts You Down

 If your partner says something the least bit critical of you, you might take what they say to heart. Until they say something that rectifies the situation, you’re hyper-aware of this perceived flaw.  

 You Feel Anxious if You’re Not Around Your Partner

 You might be developing codependency if you feel the need to be very close to your partner at all times. If you don’t know where they are, you’ll feel anxious.  

 You Feel Your Self-Esteem Depends on What Your Partner Says

 You may rely on your partner for a self-esteem boost. If you don’t get it, you might feel unsure of yourself.

 You Go to Great Pains to Stay on Your Partner’s Good Side

 If you go to great pains to please your partner, you may be developing codependency. You might spend hours making their favorite meals, cleaning the house the way they like it, etc.

 You Shut People Out Who Say Anything Critical of Your Partner

 If someone in your life says anything critical of your partner, you may shut them out. That can be a sign of codependency.

 You’ll Do Anything Your Partner Tells You to Do

 You will do anything that your partner tells you to do, even if what they’re asking makes you uncomfortable. You will find a way to justify what they’re asking in your head.

 You Endure a Partner’s Harmful Behavior

 You put up with behavior from your partner that anyone outside of the relationship would regard as abusive. You’re able to frame what they’re doing in a different light in your mind, though. You find that you can downplay its significance.

 You Feel Your Partner is Perfect

 You adore your partner and feel they can do no wrong. If they make a mistake, you twist the circumstances to make it seem like someone else was at fault.

You and Your Partner Attempt to Control Each Other

 You and your partner are always putting stipulations on how each of you should behave. These often apply to where you can, who you can each talk to, etc.

 Codependency is not always harmful, but it frequently is. You must monitor your relationships to see that they don’t get into this territory, or heartache might be the eventual result.

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