Make Your Own Standard English Bitter Beer

Last year, I Grew My Own Hops. You may be wondering what we did with those hops. Well, we made a Standard English Bitter with them.
The below recipe is from the book Brewing Classic Styles, except we changed it based on what malt we could get and the addition of homegrown hops. The resulting beer is great. First of all, it’s low-alcohol, only 3.6%. And it has a lot of flavor and depth for a lighter beer. It has a strong flavor with a hint of fruit and a subtle bitterness.
Plus, using fresh hops gave the beer a light, fresh, floral note that was surprising and awesome.
I can wait to see what Mr. Savvy Makes with this year’s hops!

Standard English Bitter

    abv (alcohol): 3.6 percent
    ibu (bitterness): 32
    og (original gravity): 1.038
    fg (final gravity): 1.011


    8 pounds British pale malt
    1/2 pound extra dark caramel malt (120 L)
    1/4 pound British crystal malt (50-60 L)
    3 ounces hops:
    (34 grams of cascade at 60 minutes
    14 grams at 30 minutes
    14 grams at 1 minute)
    1 vial white labs wlp002 English ale yeast

Fermented at 68 degrees Fahrenheit
Mash at 152 degrees Fahrenheit
60 minute boil
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