Make Your Own Bubble Chandelier

Bubble Chandeliers are so pretty and fun. They can also be expensive, ranging from $300-$7,000, depending on size and where you buy it.
That’s a crazy price when you consider you can buy the glass balls for $2-$4 each. (Possibly cheaper if you shop around–eBay is a good place to start.)
Rachel from Small Notebook made a DIY bubble chandelier for $70 and tells you how to make one too.
Bubble Light finished
Bubble Light
She liked it so much, she put a smaller $30 bubble chandelier in her nursery.
Nursery Lane and Tom
Faire Frou Frou made a large 2’X4′ bubble chandelier for their boutique.
DIY chandelier
They say it cost about 10% the cost of buying the same thing. And it looks pretty easy to make, too!

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