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It’s the second of November, which means it’s not too early to talk about Christmas, especially if you are thinking of making your own gifts. I certainly am. I seem to be taken with idea of making as many gifts as I can with craft stuff I already have around the house. I have a lot of material, beads, yarn, and whatnot that I am on a mission to use up.
Making your own gifts saves money. It’s crass to say, but Christmas is expensive, and making gifts cuts down the bill considerably. On top of that, homemade gifts are thoughtful, meaningful, and reduce the gross consumption that makes Christmas seem so tacky.
But, as I have mentioned before on here, there’s one important catch: the key to a DIY Christmas is to give gifts that people actually want. Most people don’t want tiny pieces of knitted sushi or a toaster cover shaped like a rooster. In fact, it’s gifts like those that make people fear homemade presents.
So, my rule of thumb: If I can’t make it look as good as it is in the store (or better), then I don’t give it as a gift.
Here are some categories of homemade gifts:
1. Food–candy, spice rubs, roasted nut, etc.
2. Liquor–homemade flavored vodkas, apple cider, etc.
3. Wearables–knitted hats, socks, jewelry, purses…
4. Beautiful Things–art, sculpture, etc. (Only attempt if you are good at making something beautiful.)
5. Useful Things–Pot holders, soaps, candles.
6. Decorative Gifts–Boxes that have been covered with material, Christmas ornaments, placements, etc.
7. Plants–Herb starters, shaped shrubs, etc.
8. Children’s Stuff–Clothes, toys, blankets.
Any other categories?
Personally, I am considering making the following gifts this year. (If you are a family member, read on at your own risk:)
1. Purses.
2. Necklaces.
3. Earrings.
4. Smoked Salmon.–We are going to try to smoke it ourselves.
5. Homemade Vanilla.
6. Vanilla Sugar.
7. Lavender Oil.
8. Christmas Ornaments.
9. Pot Holders.
10. Spice Mixes–Using herbs from the garden.
11. Homebrewed Beer.
What are you making this year?

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4 thoughts on “DIY Christmas”

  1. Last year I was crazy enough to make 4 quilts as Yule presents. 2 laps, a double and a queen. It was nuts, but oh, so fun. Problem is, it’s dang hard to top, so this year, I decided to make oven mitts for all the cooks in the family. The local faric store had the heat resistant fabric, so all I had to do was choose the pretty fabric, quilt, and assemble. Pretty cool.
    I’m looking forward to reading how your smoked salmon turns out!

  2. Wow that sounds amazing. I actually just quilted some oven mitts for the first time on Monday. I had never quilted before–it was hard to get everything straight. I’ll post my results sometime in the near future.

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