Would This Work?

Using allll the deodorant, from The Tightwad Gazette:

After years of feeling cheated by not being able to get that last little bit of solid antiperspirant deodorant out of the container, I finally decided it was time to try.
I dug all the remaining stuff out of the container with a knife and put it in a glass custard cup. I put it in the microwave for two minutes. Using a spatula, I scraped all the melted antiperspirant into an old container and let it cool. Four used-up antiperspirant containers filled a recycled container half full.
From Sally Ryan, Black Hawk, Colorado

Huh. Well, it takes me months and months to go through one container of deodorant, so it would take me years to get that one half-filled container this way. But if you go through deodorant quickly, this might be worth a try.

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2 thoughts on “Would This Work?”

  1. Cathy, yeah! I didn’t think of that. Also, I wonder what it would do to the deodorant to heat it up, melt it, and reform it like that. It could change it enough to make it useless.


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