Wine Cork Backsplash

Here is one of the better examples I’ve seen of reusing wine corks. This house from Cool House Tours recycled corks into a backsplash for the wine nook.
If I were inclined to have a wine area like this, I would definitely consider this idea. All it would take is saving the corks, cutting them to a uniform size, and attaching them to the wall for an attractive and theme-appropriate backsplash. [Unconsumption]

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6 thoughts on “Wine Cork Backsplash”

  1. This is a really great idea! I am assuming that the cork is glued to the wall… That wouldn’t be very fun to remove if you changed your decorating idea. I think, especially in a small area like this, would be to cut a thin sheet of veneer in the shape of your nook and lightly tack it into the space. Then you can glue what ever you want to the area… and easily removed. Could also glue a mirror in the centre and place the corks around it.

  2. This is a project I’m definitely going to do with all my collected corks. Any tips on cutting the corks? I’m thinking they might crumble with regular scissors. And what glue would work best? I think the idea of cutting the board to fit the space and then adhering corks to that is a great idea.

  3. Lori Ann Shumey: I agree, it’s best to put a veneer of something up in case you want to take the backsplash down later. Maybe a sheet of wood?
    Darcy: Yeah, scissors probably wouldn’t work. Here’s a post on Reddit talking about this issue: People suggest a sharp utility knife or a dremel. I’m not sure which glue, but I would try a wood glue or a dab of super glue in the center of each cork. Good luck!

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