Williams-Sonoma Shiitake Mushroom Log

Williams-Sonoma has been getting into the DIY spirit by offering kits for Beehives, Cheese Making, and Kombucha. There’s even a chicken coop.
I like this Shiitake Mushroom Log, which claims it “will produce a crop of organic shiitake mushrooms every two months for more than three years.” Unlike some of these products, which are on the pricey side, that seems like a good deal for $29.99.
Like with other mushroom kits, you soak the log for 24 hours in cold water and “watch your crop emerge.” The log rests for two months between crops and needs a soak every two weeks and regular misting to keep it going. But for regular a Shitake mushroom supply, it sounds like it’s worth it.
ETA: Check out A Review of Williams-Sonoma’s Agrarian Line for more discussion about these products.

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2 thoughts on “Williams-Sonoma Shiitake Mushroom Log”

  1. Ack!! $70.00 for the kombucha kit!! Cool that Williams Sonoma is getting into it, but sheesh. I can buy a bottle of plain kombucha from the health food store, and a box of organic tea for less than $10.00. Well, I suppose organic sugar will bump that over the amount.. 🙂 Yeah, uhh.. Thanks Williams Sonoma for getting in the spirit of things. I’ll keep my cheap solution. 😉 For what it’s worth, I’ve seen that Cultures for Health http://www.culturesforhealth.com/ has all these for a lot less. 😀

  2. i received the shiitake mushroom log as a gift but i will be travelling for months and won’t be able to tend to it. can it just sit there right out of the box w/o needing any maintenance? if not, i’m afraid i’ll have to return it.


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