Where's Your Cheapest Gas Station?

My husband commutes for two hours every day, so our gas bills add up. To balance it out, I don’t drive very much and work at home, but we’re still paying over $40 a week in gas.
So I like that Mapquest has created a cool function that lets you look up the cheapest gas stations in your area. I put in my zip code and found out that the cheapest gas is going for $3.37 at a station by the freeway compared to $3.54 at the station by my house. Now I know that I can save $.17 per gallon if I shop at the cheap station–plus I can reward a station that is keeping its prices (relatively) low. For a 12 gallon tank, that’s a savings of $2.04.
However, if I put in nearby towns, gas drops even further. One town has gas for $3.29 right now. That leads me to believe that before you leave the house, it’s best to look at all the towns along the route to find the cheapest gas. It means a $.25/gallon savings if you compare the cheapest and most expensive gas. For a 12 gallon tank, that’s a savings of $3.
Incidentally, the Savvy Housekeeper would like to note that the cheapest stations in her area are locally owned and operated. Bonus!
Total Savings: $3

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