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savvyhousekeeping antique bathtub
The other day at the post office, a woman in line behind me was telling another woman about her bathroom remodel. She then started talking about how she had to get rid of the original bathtub of the house, which sounded like an antique. Anyone who has ever looked knows how valuable antique bathtubs are, but this woman was apparently clueless and went on and on about how hard it was to get the bathtub to the dump.
“You took it to the dump?” the other woman said. “Oh no, you shouldn’t have done that! There are people who refurbish those bathtubs. I could have shown you where to donate it. They might have even paid you.”
“It was heavy,” the first woman said. “I wouldn’t have been able to get it to them.”
“You were able to get it to the dump!” the other woman pointed out.
Although I’m a fan of getting rid of clutter, I never throw things out. There is a fabulous world of second-hand buying out there that is great for both the environment and the pocketbook. This woman dragging what has morphed in my mind into a $22,000 clawfoot bathtub to the dump is the perfect example of the old adage, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Just because I don’t want it doesn’t mean someone else won’t.
When I am getting rid of something, I first think about whether I can sell it or not. Surprisingly often, the answer is yes. I have had a lot of luck selling through:
* my own yard sale/garage sale.
* Craigslist.com, especially in the case of electronics, furniture, and house supplies.
* Amazon.com, for books.
I’ve also tried selling through eBay, but didn’t like it. I tried selling clothes in consignment shops, but you make so little money and the shops are so picky, that it’s not really worth it. I used to sell CDs and DVDs for credit at record stores, but now that everything is going digital, that’s slowly going away.
For the things I can’t sell, I see if my friends or family want it. If they don’t, I give it to my local thrift store. If I have something large that I don’t want to haul, I have been known to put it on Craigslist’s free section and let someone else haul it away. There are other sources like Freecycle that have a similar service, although I haven’t used them. Lots of charities will pick things up too.
I have also looked up specific charities for specific items. There are charities that will take your old cell phone, that suit you never wear, your broken eye glasses, etc. Basically, there’s little reason to throw something out unless it’s completely broken. And even then, it can be recycled (e-waste recycling comes to mind).
Feel free to share any services that have worked for you when getting rid of your clutter.

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6 thoughts on “Where To Put Clutter”

  1. Man, I love your little de-cluttering post series.
    I once donated a car to the Salvation Army (from Healdsburg)who came and towed it away for free. Talk about a big bulky thing.
    I too try not to just throw things away. I do sometimes feel lazy about selling something tho, but if I don’t sell it, I donate it to Goodwill. Sometimes donating outweighs the time you spend at listing something, taking photos of it and getting little money for it.
    BUT we’ve been very successful at selling stuff lately.
    De-clutter maniacs we are becoming!

  2. I almost always donate to the Sally Ann…mostly because that’s where we shop for things we need anyways, and they do good with the money they make.
    Kids clothes always come from, and go there. Especially since Little People grow so dang fast! I have also gotten great deals on kitchenware items I have wanted/needed. My best kitchen score was a brand new angel food cake pan for $1.50. I needed it to make cakes for a friend’s wedding, then, I donated it back when I was done. Cheaper than rental by far!

  3. I just discovered your site yesterday and have since read everyone of your posts! Absolutely love your website – particularly love your recycling ethos. I checked back onto your site today and saw that amazing tub – it rings a personal bell as my husband and I have just recently restored an 80 year old home. We found an “old’ (super precious to us) tub from a friend of ours and traded the tub for our old heater. I absolutely swear by the old art of barter – trading things that have value but that you are no longer interested in using. Our tub is in amazing shape and we have added shower hardware and it looks like something out of restoration hardware. Your blog validates my lifestyle choice and for that I am grateful. I will read it faithfully from this point on. Love you gardening tips as well. Happy New Year !

  4. Freecycle.org is an excellent way to get rid of your things. I use that site pretty much exclusively. It usually only takes a day to get rid of anything that i have. It is always nice to see the person face to face and see how happy they are to receive the thing I was going to throw out!


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