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savvyhousekeeping what to plant when for your region
I am going to try to have a large fall garden this year. A friend recently pointed me to this chart on Mother Earth News called What To Plant Now. You click on your region and it tells you what you should plant for each month of the year.
I found this helpful because I have been confused about when to put in fall plantings in my area. The answer seems to be half August, half September. Here’s my plan:
Green beans
Fava beans
What are you putting in this fall?

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2 thoughts on “What To Plant When”

  1. Hello,
    I was just looking over your site, LOVE the information! I must comment though, I was a certified Master Gardener for about 8 yrs,,,and I live in N. Idaho. This map here is way off for a lot of states. the top part of Idaho is more like it shows for the central/midwest. And what it shows for Idaho, Montana, etc would actually extend down farther south into the whole state of Colorado most of Kansas and Nebraska, angling up across towards the most of the great lakes area.
    There are even areas in North Idaho that actually fall in the same area as the purple for the Pacific Northwest.
    Please do keep up with sharing your information however, you have some really GREAT information here.
    P.S the toilet paper rolls would also provide ‘paper collars’ to prevent ‘cutworms’ from cutting off certain plants when first planted, such as with cabbage plants. 🙂


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