What To Plant 2010

We are having fabulous weather here right now. It is very hard not to start gardening, even though I know we will get more frost before April and it is too early. (Okay, I already put in some potatoes and a fig tree. But that is all I am planting, I swear. Because it is too early.)
Anyway, at least I can plan the garden right now. I make a list every year–here is 2009’s list–and go from there. This is what I am going to plant in my vegetable garden 2010:

Plants Already In The Yard:

    * Two artichoke plants –They have never done well. I am going to transplant them and see if they do better in another spot.
    * Cherry tree
    * Nectarine tree
    * Apricot tree—This has yet to produce fruit. I am starting get concerned.
    * Fig tree
    savvyhousekeeping planting vegetable garden fig tree
    (Courtesy About Garden)
    * Orange bush
    * Two lemon bushes
    * Kumquat
    * Strawberries
    * Various herbs

Plants I Will Be Planting:

    * Tomatoes—Three plants: a brandywine, a beef steak, and some other kind of tomato.
    * Bell Peppers—You can’t have enough bell peppers. I am going to put in at least 6 plants, maybe 8.
    * Jalapeño
    * Some Other Pepper—Last year it was Italian sweet peppers, the year before, cayenne peppers. It depends on what the nursery has.
    * Zucchini
    * Winter Squash—Butternut or acorn.
    * Peas—My husband wants English peas this year.
    * Green beans—This year I am going to put in French green beans as well as Kentucky green beans.
    * Beets
    * Fingerling Potatoes—As mentioned, I cut up a potato and put it in the ground last weekend.
    * Watermelon Radishes—I had some from Whole Foods and they are sooo cool.
    savvyhousekeeping planting a vegetable garden watermelon radishes
    (Courtesy McKenzie Seeds)
    * Crane Melons—They are juicy cantaloupes and grow great here.
    * Giant Sunflowers—These are so much fun and pretty in the garden.
    * Leeks—Every year I plant these and love them. They grow so easily and are so versatile.
    * Hops—My husband wants them for beer.
    savvyhouskeeping growing planting vegetable garden hops plant beer
    (Courtesy The Beer Life)
    * Chard
    * Garlic
    * Marjoram
    * Basil
    * Parsley
    * Stevia

(And since I have the room,) Plants I Am Still Considering:

    * Corn—You get so little for so many plants, and fresh corn is cheap in the store. On the other hand, they are fun and easy to grow.
    * Cucumber—I love them, but I am also tired of them. We haven’t eaten last year’s pickles yet.
    * Carrots—I eat them all the time, but they are so cheap and they attract gophers.
    * Fennel bulbs—I have one plant that I use for the leaves, but I want to grow it for the bulbs.
    * Spinach—Every year I plant these and every year I have trouble getting them to full size. But darn it, spinach should be able to grow here!
    * Arugula
    * Radicchio
    * Pearl Onions
    * Shallots
    * Celery

What are you thinking of planting?

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2 thoughts on “What To Plant 2010”

  1. Have you considered trying the carrots in a large container? I’m not sure how it would work, but it might be worth a try! At least the gophers would have a harder time getting to them…
    Pearl onions would be easy to companion plant with the tomatoes and I think you would be able to put them by the potatoes as well. I have onions all over my garden bed- partly because of Sam, and partly because I understand them to be a good companion for so many plants. Time to pull out the companion plant charts again- I can’t remember who goes where!


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