What To Do With Wine Corks

The other day I saw this wreath made out of wine corks in a wine shop. While I don’t like how this is executed, take away the fake grapes and flower and add a different decoration–maybe some miniature ornaments or an artfully woven ribbon–and this is not a bad way to use up wine corks, especially for the holidays.
I always want to save wine corks. They are very cool, for one thing. Also, they are usually associated with romantic situations. I always want to keep the ones from bottles we brought back from Europe or opened for anniversaries. I usually don’t, though, because I’m worried that if I make something with them, it will turn into a hideous monstrosity. I do not need a wine cork car or a wine cork wall, for example.
But there are some nice projects you can do with wine corks. Here are a few I liked:
Wine Cork Trivet. Most sites have you making a wooden frame and then gluing the corks onto it. I prefer another method using old paper clips to connect the corks, but couldn’t find it online. Maybe I will make one and put it on here to demonstrate. In the meantime, here’s the frame method.
Wine Lamp. This image was originally in Wine Enthusiast but seems to be gone now. This is a great idea for a lamp with a clear base. All you would have to do is open it and put the corks inside.
Corkboard. Well, duh, who would have thought? Cork makes a great corkboard. Personally, I don’t use corkboards, but I think this is a good way to display corks and put them to practical use at the same time.
Card Holders. It doesn’t get much simpler than this: Slice a groove in the cork and some off the bottom to flatten it and you have a cool business card holder or name placeholder for a party.
As decorative mulch in potted plants. This is a great idea, especially out on a patio. All you do is throw the (hopefully cleaned) corks onto the plant and you have added a new design element to your garden.

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