What To Do with Plastic Bags

It seems like no matter how often I re-use plastic bags, there are always extra ones around my house. The recursive thinker in me loves the idea of making a plastic bag shopping bag–a shopping bag knit out of 14 other plastic bags.
I’m not sure I like this look all that much, but I could see a plastic-bag bag being useful for the pool or beach, or if you bring your own bags to the store. I have also seen people crochet plastic doormats and place mats. Some other uses for plastic bags:
* Trash can liner
* Packing material–very useful around Christmas time
* Christmas wreath (speaking of Christmas)
* Make it into a rope
* Cover paint to keep it fresh when you take a break
* Wrapping paper
* Any time you need to carry something. (Duh).

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1 thought on “What To Do with Plastic Bags”

  1. I usually use cloth reusable bags, but recently I began alternating between the cloth and plastic. I watch 3 little girls in our home and they have horribly stinky diapers – sometimes we have up to 7 in one day. That’s a lot of pooh! So we keep a stash of plastic in a special holder, wrap the stinky diapers in the bag and tie them up. Sure helps to keep the stench under control.
    Making a knitted bag would seem good, but I’m a horrible knitter.


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