What To Do With Pickle Brine

The other day I threw a jar of dill pickle juice down the drain and then thought, ohhh I shouldn’t have done that. I had a feeling that pickle brine was useful, and a little research revealed that I was right. Whether homemade or not, pickle juice can be reused in lots of ways.
Here are some things you can do with pickle brine (or so I hear):
* Re-pickle. Cut up veggies, blanch them in boiling water, stick them in the brine, and leave for a week or so. They won’t be pickles exactly, but they will have soaked up the brine’s flavor.
* Use it in potato salad. Make the potato salad as usual and drizzle in some pickle brine for extra flavor.
* Add it into a Bloody Mary. Apparently it adds a little zip.
* Make Pickle Soup. People swear this Polish soup is delicious.
* Add to tuna or chicken salad for extra zing. I may try this next time I make a tuna sandwich.
* “Pickle” other things–cubes of feta cheese, hardboiled eggs, garlic cloves. Pop them in the juice and leave alone for a few days.
* Use it in dip.
* Make a Pickletini. Think a dirty martini with pickle juice instead.
What do you do with leftover pickle juice?

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6 thoughts on “What To Do With Pickle Brine”

  1. We also use pickle juice to fight canker sores. Swish it around in your mouth a few times a day when you feel one coming on. It seems to help!

  2. Whenever I have an upset stomach I drink pickle juice. Of course it has to be lactofermented to work , but it usually takes care of the pain right away. It is also very refreshing on hot summer days when you have been sweating a lot. Thanks for your ideas I’m going to use some of them as I have lots of pickle juice.

  3. I like to add a few tablespoons to a serving of soup. My pickles are lacto-fermented so it gives the soup a probiotic kick. At one tablespoon you don’t notice the addition, but at two or more it starts to give the soup a little zing.


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