What To Do With Old Clothes

Camp Creek Blog has a tutorial of how to make a field bag from an old pair of khaki pants. (Via Recycled Crafts.)
It got me thinking about old clothes and how useful they can be. even when clothes are worn, torn, stained, etc., there’s usually usable fabric there. In the past, people never used to throw clothes out–they simply used the fabric over and over. Once a garment started to look old, they altered it to be worn again in a different way, then they re-used the fabric for other things (pillows, blankets, etc.), and finally, the remnants would be turned into rag rugs or cleaning rags.
While I wouldn’t trade our easy access to new clothes for that, it is nice to think of one piece of fabric being used until it simply had nothing left to give. Most of us have piles of extra clothes that we don’t know what to do with. So in the interest of decluttering and saving some money, here’s a few things to do with the old clothes:

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