What To Do With Leftover Tortilla Chips

savvyhousekeeping what to do with leftover tortilla chips
Starting with Cinco de Mayo and continuing through summer, I tend to end up with extra tortilla chips. I don’t snack much, so they sometimes go stale.
Luckily, I’ve learned that you can do a lot more with tortilla chips than make nachos. Turns out that when you cook them, they add a nice corn flavor to the dish. Here are four things you can do with leftover tortilla chips:

Use Them In Scrambled Eggs. They give the eggs a Mexican undertone, especially if you throw in cheese, tomatoes, cheese, and peppers.

Crumble Into Soup. You can go so far to make a recipe like this Chicken Tortilla Soup, or you can just crumble some on top of soup to add texture.

Try A New Casserole. Lots of casseroles use stale tortilla chips. Turkey and Tortilla Chips Casserole looks interesting, as does this Monterey Chicken Casserole. I haven’t tried either recipe, but I like the idea of them.
Refresh Them. Like with Stale Tortillas, the key is the microwave. Lay them on a papertowel and microwave for 30 seconds, and apparently it refreshes them. I haven’t tried this, but I will.
What do you do with leftover tortilla chips?

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3 thoughts on “What To Do With Leftover Tortilla Chips”

  1. Funny you just posted this I just cooked these up last night! I crushed them really small and made fried chicken out of it. It was awesome! By the way I love your web site! thanx

  2. Well, if they are stale and gross, I crumble them up and feed the birds outside.
    But, if you have room in your freezer you can freeze those extra bags of chips (any chips) until it’s time for another party or just because you made a great dip!


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