What To Do With Leftover Champagne

If, like me, you have a couple of bottles of flat champagne left over from New Year’s Eve, don’t throw it out. That stuff is great to cook with. Here are a few recipes that use leftover champagne:
savvyhousekeeping what to do with leftover flat champagne vinegar vinaigrette
Did you know that if you leave champagne sitting out in a wide-mouth jar for a few days, it will turn to champagne vinegar? And then you can take that vinegar and make your own Champagne Vinaigrette, using this recipe from Southern Living.

Or you can make Champagne Risotto. You can use champagne instead of white wine in any risotto, but I especially like how this one uses prosciutto and asparagus spears.

I gotta say, this Chicken And Chanterelles In Champagne Sauce recipe from Lindaraxa looks pretty tasty. Since I happen to have all those ingredients on hand, I’ll be trying this one later this week.

Yeah, okay, the last thing we all need right now is another tempting sweet, but who can resist these Pink Champagne Cupcakes from Betty Crocker? They look delightful.
What’s your favorite way to use leftover champagne?

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5 thoughts on “What To Do With Leftover Champagne”

  1. I can just leave it out and make vinegar? I had never thought of that!
    Sadly, we never have leftover champagne here. My husband doesn’t like it. Instead we use Innocent Bystander Muscato. It is light and bubbly and it comes in a smaller bottle.

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