What To Do With An Altoids Tin

Last week, I ended up with several Altoids tins and found myself wondering what to do with them. It’s kind of a shame to just throw them out. So I started poking around on the Internet and discovered that there are many uses for these handy little tins. Here are some of my favorites:

Altoids Tin Earbud Case. Here’s a simple project where you modify the tin to hold your headphones. Alternately, you can use the tin as a sturdy case for your MP3 player.

Altoids Tin Candle. Cover the outside with fabric, fill the inside with wax and wicks, and there you go: a candle to take with you on vacation or to use in emergencies or just enjoy on a rainy evening. (This would also make a good gift.)

Altoids Tin Survival Kit. Fill the tin with things like waterproof matches, a compass, water purification tablets, fishing lines, band-aids, a signal mirror, etc, then bring it along on hiking trips or while camping.

Altoids Tin LED Flashlight. With some basic electronics skills and one of the mini Altoids tins, you can make this tiny LED flashlight. With a little modification, you could even put it on your key chain.

Altoids Tin Mouse. And then, with slightly more skills, you can turn an ordinary mouse into an Altoids tin mouse … because, why not?
Have you ever re-used an Altoids tin? Tell me about it.

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5 thoughts on “What To Do With An Altoids Tin”

  1. I have one I use to keep little knitting things in, like darning needles and stitch markers. I saw one that was transformed into a little painting kit for kids.

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  3. I love these ideas! My 10 year old son has always saved Altoids tins. He uses them for all sorts of little tchotchkes. I’m thinking a mini sewing kit would be handy.


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