Wet Ice Cubes Stops Soda from Fizzing Over

Here’s a trick I learned that I have to share. For awhile now, I have had a problem with pouring room temperature sodas over ice. For some reason, the ice makes the soda fizz and it often overflows and makes a mess.
The solution? Wet the ice first. I just rinse them in water before dropping in the glass and the fizzes disappear. No more messes to clean up.

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2 thoughts on “Wet Ice Cubes Stops Soda from Fizzing Over”

  1. This is a brilliant solution! My son is still young enough that he can’t eyeball just how much he should pour into a glass, so it fizzes over all the time. (You can chastise me later about letting my kid drink pop.) I’m passing this tip on to him. Thank you!


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