Wearable Planters

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Well, I’ve never seen this one before: a necklace and a planter in one. Made by Colleen sells these little planters for $55 each. Now you can pick a flower and carry it with you … by wearing it around your neck!
That certainly is different. [Craft]

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4 thoughts on “Wearable Planters”

  1. The one in the picture looks like a robin egg… it’s kinda cute. But then I would never be able to keep my shirts clean for a whole day!(Oh wait… I have kids. They certainly don’t help… :)Those must be for those people who are extremely graceful, or not dive-bombed every 5 seconds by cute little humans.

  2. With regard to toothbrushes, I buy them from the dollar store. The packs have 4, 5, or sometimes 6 toothbrushes for a buck. I have seven children and like to change toothbrushes monthly, but for a smaller family you could just store them. I keep a couple of packs in my extra toiletries box underneath the bathroom sink.


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