Wallpaper a Lamp Shade

savvyhousekeeping wallpapering a lampshade green lamp
I saw this lamp in a magazine last week. I kind of liked it, but then I discovered it is $229 without the shade, and over $300 with the shade.
The thing is, this is an easy lamp look to reproduce. You just need to paint the base of a lamp that color green and give it a high gloss finish. And the shade? Put some wallpaper on it.
I first got the idea of wallpapering a lampshade from a book on what to do with wallpaper, but it’s hardly a new concept. In fact, Redbook has a nifty how-to on how to wallpaper a lamp shade. They took the lamp shade from this:
savvyhousekeeping wallpaper lampshade
To this:
savvyhousekeeping wallpaper lampshade
And while I’m not a fan of the wallpaper they used–it’s pretty ugly–I do like this idea. With the right paper, you could add some a cool accent to a room this way.

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