Using The Internet To Save Money

Everlasting Designs has a post on using resources on the Internet to save yourself time and money. I am not sure I go along with all these things–I still believe in buying magazines and paying musicians for their work–but some of these ideas are great. Some samples:
* I used to buy cookbooks, now I use AllRecipes, and various other cooking websites for recipes.
* I used to buy music. Now I Google “”.
* I used to pay for my dinner on my birthday and now I search online for restaurants that give you a free dinner on you birthday.
* I used to pay for cable, now I watch TV on the internet for free.
* I used to use the big yellow book to look up phone numbers, now I use google, anywho or another free directory sites.
* I used to pay full price for things I order online, but now I google for coupon codes.
More tips here.

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  1. SB–If you do “site:” on Google with an Internet address, you can search a particular website. So this person is suggesting that if you search, you can search all the blogs on Blogspot for a particular song. I tried it and it does work. In Google, I entered in: “Regina Spektor” “Laughing with” “mp3” . It brought me right to a site with the song available for download. Does that make sense?


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