Use It Up II

A little under two months ago, I made a Use It Up Challenge for myself. I wrote a list of things I needed to use up in my pantry and then set about using them. Here’s an update:

    1 c Barley
    .25 c soy flour—I got it for a dish I was making and then didn’t use it.
    Instant oatmeal–Someone gave this to me. I am not a fan of instant oatmeal, but it seems like it should be used.
    .75 c dried cranberries
    .24 c golden raisins
    2 cans olives
    Blackberry tea—“Blackberry tea!” I thought. “That sounds good.” It wasn’t.
    1.5 c coconut
    1 c walnuts
    1 sample of microwavable hamburger helper I got in the mail.
    Half a box falafel
    1 can chicken noodle soup—I have no idea where this came from. I make my own chicken broth, so….


    Container of orange juice—I don’t drink juice, so I’ll have to find another use for it.
    A container half-n-half–Going to go bad soon…
    Sprigs of mint
    Tomatoes left over from the garden
    Leeks left over from the garden
    Zucchini left over from the garden
    Grapes someone brought me

    Plums I bought for a dish and never used
    Chocolate syrup
    Bag of carrots
    Flat tonic water—A challenge to use up, indeed.


    Ribs we barbecued and didn’t finish
    Salmon patties
    Stale bread
    .75 c Coconut milk
    Most of a can of chickpeas
    Minestrone soup a friend made
    Two Boca patties
    Frozen tofu—I discovered tofu doesn’t freeze well, so I’ll have to use it as a substitute

    Lemon curd I made last winter

Not too bad, really. I should make up some falafel and something with lemon curd and coconut. The salmon patties and plums are probably bad by now. Oh well, I tried.
I really have no idea what to do with that blackberry tea though….

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2 thoughts on “Use It Up II”

  1. Tea can be used for plant fertilizer provided it’s all natural. I don’t know how much it fertilizes, but it certainly hasn’t hurt my plants. I break open the tea bags (mine are generally used), dump the contents into hot water and let it sit until room temperature. Then I cut it with water and water my plants with it, dregs and all. I do this with coffee grounds sometimes also. Some people will mix the solids into the top layer of dirt rather than pour on top to avoid fruit flies, but I’ve never had a big problem with flies.


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