Urban Foraging For Cocktails

I know that this post on Urban Foraging and Imbibing Wild Edible Cocktails is little more than an ad for Hendrick’s gin, but it’s still pretty interesting–especially after my mentioning foraged food in yesterday’s post on 10 Ways To Cut Your Food Bill.
A group of people went out and foraged local edible food like blackberries, purslane, and wineberries and used them in cocktails. They came up with:
The Clover Leaf: Hendrick’s Gin, Foraged Wineberries, Lemon Juice, Farm Egg
City Herbs: Hendrick’s Gin, Black Bottle Scotch, Foraged Herbs, Lemon Juice
The Southside Punch: Hendrick’s Gin, Wild Mint, Foraged Purslane, Lemon Juice
Rose Marie Collins: Hendrick’s Gin, Foraged and Backyard Wineberry-Cucumber-Rose Soda
Don’t these drinks sound intriguing? I wish they had posted the recipes.

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