Universal Lids

A multitasker that makes sense to me.
I hate digging around in my cupboard for the right sized lid to fit the pot I’m cooking with. This lid claims to fit any size pot. If so, maybe I should get rid of all those other lids and just have one of these. Of course, I would probably need four of them, since that’s about the maximum number of pans of food I would have going at one time. That’s getting pretty pricey at $24 a lid. Still, I’d like to give the Universal Lid a test drive.

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1 thought on “Universal Lids”

  1. When lids are too large, condensation falls on the stove top with food particals in the water. This creates a mess. I have a black stove and spots drive me insane.
    Despite all this I want to play the dummy on the infomercial for these… Tired of lids that don’t fit?!?! And my hair is all frizzed out with bags under my eyes and a look of confusion and frustration on my face… Casting call! Pick me Pick me! hahahah


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