Two Uses For Library Catalogues

I want to use an antique library catalogue in my house. Being the book lover than I am, every time I see one of these catalogues in an antique or thrift store, I get excited and want to bring it home. The problem is that library catalogues aren’t much good for storing anything other than library cards. The drawers are flimsy and often don’t even have sides, leaving me wondering what I could possibly put into them.
One solution is to use them for wine. Of course, the drawers of a library catalogue is the perfect size for a wine bottle! You could even use the label space on the front of the drawer to remind you what’s in each drawer. I like this idea so much that I would almost get rid of our existing wine-cellar to do it.

I also liked the idea of turning a library catalogue into a coffee table. Summerswann came upon a library catalogue in a thrift store, took it home, sanded, stained it, and put legs on it–voila, instant coffee table. (Via Casa Sugar.)

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  1. Ya. I like to drink at the library too. The American Literature section seems to be just the place to enjoy my wine. Striaght from the bottle. Because…..
    I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free…


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