Twitter Links For The Week Of March 25th

Throughout the week, I occasionally throw links up on Twitter when they look appealing. Here are the links from this week, all in one place:

This bedding set made me chuckle.
Good tip: Use a Shower Cap to “Disable” Smoke Alarms when you’re cooking.
Is it just me, or are Cadbury Chocolate Eggs getting sweeter? The comic xkcd noticed how sweet they are too.
Princess cake demystified.
Interesting news: Whole Foods Says It Won’t Sell Any Unsustainable Seafood.
Turn a wardrobe into a Narnia playland.
Another great tip: Use a waffle iron to make crispy hashbrowns.
In this video, GrowingYourGreens gets vegetable plants for cheap at Home Depot, then uses price matching to do the same at Lowes. Good frugality in practice.

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1 thought on “Twitter Links For The Week Of March 25th”

  1. If I cover the smoke detector with a shower cap- how will I know when dinner is ready? That hint about using the waffle iron for crispy hashbrowns is pure genius though


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