Twitter Links For The Week Of March 18th

Throughout the week, I occasionally throw some links up on Twitter that look appealing. Here are the links from this week, all in one place:

The Birds & The Bees in Cake Pops.
Gross or good? The Grilled Cheese Doughnut.
Check out this house tour of a beautiful old church that was converted to a house.
Cloud Rugs.
Yummy: Pork Confit recipe.
Even better: Pork *belly* Confit.
And in honor of the movie release, 20 Hunger Games Arts & Crafts.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter Links For The Week Of March 18th”

  1. I have to admit- that the donut grilled cheese looks pretty interested. Cheese can taste pretty good with sweet. My grandma for years put cheese on her slice of apple pie or her cookies. And, I, as a sign of respect, still do.


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