Twitter Links For The Week Of April 8th

Throughout the week, I throw links up on Twitter when they look appealing. Here are the links from this week, all in one place:

Appetizer idea: Spring Peas Stuffed With Herbed Cream Cheese.
Consumer Reports Tested For The Best Toilet Paper, judging on durability, how quickly it breaks down, and comfort. The winner was White Cloud Tissue.
Something to think about–In the US, 92% of children have an online presence by the time they are two years old.
Would this work? Warm Your Garden With A Bucket Of Warm Water.
Is your stuff falling apart? Thank Walmart.
Make your own whoopie pies, pixie sticks, and more.
And finally, How To Make Your Own Sprinkles for cakes and other desserts.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter Links For The Week Of April 8th”

  1. Hey! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your website. Also, thanks for not making it overly about your pregnancy, from a single girl’s outlook. It’s a little hard when a favorite blog goes from being easy to relate to and then changes to all about the baby. Your kid posts are great – things I would actually be interested in once (and if) I get pregnant/adopt. So, thanks! I just love the time I spend reading your posts.

  2. Thanks Kristina. I don’t want Savvy Housekeeping to turn into a “mommy blog,” so it’s good to hear you can still relate.


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