Turning a Book into a Bag

savvyhousekeeping recycle a book into a purse bag
Country Living has a how-to on how to take an old hardback book and turn it into a bag. You hollow the book out, line it with fabric, and add a handle.
It’s pretty cute, only it’s too bad there isn’t a way to close the purse. Maybe a zipper could be added to the top?

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6 thoughts on “Turning a Book into a Bag”

  1. Did I tell you much I’m enjoying this blog? Love this book-to-purse idea! Probably wouldn’t get into making one myself, but I’m sure there would be a simple way to add a zipper to close it. So cool!

  2. To solve the problem of closing the bag, one could add an inner (and detachable) bag of a make up or toilet bag with zip closing and attach it to the inside base with a Velcro strip.

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