Trash to Treasure

I’m fascinated by people who can turn trash into beautiful things. PointClickHome has a slideshow of furnishing designers have made from trash. According to the site:

We want décor that pushes the limits: where found objects dangle as chandeliers, melted plastics are woven like textiles, and newspapers stack like seating—not garbage. For some designers, green design is not just the end goal, but the beginning: a no-holds-barred way to rethink what exists. And with re-use as their mantra, trash becomes treasure, ugly becomes beautiful, and the line between sensibly sustainable and stylishly sexy becomes forever blurred

That sounds fancy! And I do like some of the examples they came up with. For example, check out these awesome lights made from plastic bottles.

“It’s made from the cut bottoms of clear bottles strung together and hung in a circle.”
Lovely. Or how about this chair:

“The RD (Roughly Drawn) Legs Limited Edition chair turns excess plastic into innovative art. Without the use of glue, this chair is crafted from 100 percent domestic recycled plastic waste. The stretched and hand-woven plastic creates a look that is at once chaotic and beautifully organized.”
I like how it looks like it is made out of rubberbands. And finally:

“Dutch Designer Anneke Jakobs collected discarded cartons in the street during her days as a student at the Utrecht School of Product Design. Ten cartons make up the luxe chandelier.”
This is my favorite. It has a pop-art feel to it and I could almost see it in my house.
More here. (Via)

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