Toilet Paper Roll Seed Starter

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I’ve talked about using an egg shell to start seeds for the garden but I also like this idea from You Grow Girl: using a toilet paper roll as a seed starter. You fold down the ends of the tube, fill it with moistened soil, and plant the seed.
This is timely because I just planted a bunch of seeds indoors to transplant to the garden later this month. I used pots, but the advantage of using the the toilet paper roll method is that there’s no chance of damaging the seedling’s roots. When it comes time to plant, you put the whole thing right into the ground. Like the eggshell, the cardboard roll will break down as the seed matures. [Re-Nest]

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2 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Roll Seed Starter”

  1. Last year, I started seeds in handmade newspaper containers…. Fold a half-sheet of newspaper in half lengthwise, half again, and wrap around a slim can (orange juice or the like). Tuck the ends in on the bottom origami style–similar to the bottom in your post– and secure the bottom and side seam with a little piece of masking tape. If you fold the top over on itself, you can sometimes get away without taping at all. Also plantable like the toilet tissue roll, but best with un-printed newspaper unless you know the newspaper ink is soy-based.
    Happy Gardening! 🙂


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