Tips on Getting Free Samples

Twice a month, I spend 15 minutes requesting free samples off the Internet. I do this regularly enough that I have a steady supply of them appearing in my mailbox. I once went four months without having to buy toothpaste because of all the toothpaste samples I had stored up. When I added the samples into my grocery budget, I was surprised to see free samples save me about $10-$20 a month. That’s not much, but then again, it’s decent pay for a half-hour of work. On top of that, it’s nice to have free samples lying around when you run out of something or go on a trip.
Here’s some tips on getting free samples:
Use a throwaway e-mail account. If you don’t already have a spam e-mail account (I use, get one before you start filling out forms and giving companies your e-mail address. I don’t give out my phone number either.
Ignore surveys. Some sites advertising free samples take you to an elaborate marketing survey promising you that at the end, they will give you something free. I have found that 98 percent of the time, that’s a false promise. You go all the way through and there’s nothing free on the other end, and you feel like a sucker. Skip ‘em.
Only get what you’ll use. Just because there is an adult diaper sample to be had doesn’t mean I need to get it. There’s no need to create the waste or mislead the company by getting something for free just because.
Once you’ve requested it, forget about it. A sad fact: half of the samples you request won’t show up in your mailbox. Companies have a limited supply of these samples and they stop sending them out when they run out. So once you request it, forget about it. It’ll make getting the sample a surprise.
Finally, where can you get free samples?

  • Searching “free samples” in Google.
  • Reliable freebie sites like this one.
  • Company sites often have free samples (for example, try Yogi Tea and Dove).
  • Stores like Walmart have sections devoted to free samples.
  • If you admire a product, e-mail the company and ask for a sample. You’ll be surprised how often they comply.
    Samples the Savvy Housekeeper ordered today: Dove Shine Therapy Shampoo, Stayfree Maxi Pad, John Frieda Volume Shampoo, Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleaner, Playtex Sport Tampon, Quaker Simple Harvest Granola Bar, Senseo Coffee Pod, Pam, Bear Naked Granola, Sundance Tea, EcoSmart Bug Killer, Life’s Abundance Holistic Pet Food, and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.

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