Three Ways To Store Christmas Lights

I usually roll my Christmas lights and pile them in a box. They don’t get tangled, but it’s kind of a mess nevertheless. As they say on those Made-For-TV commercials, there has to be a better way.
Here are three ideas for storing Christmas lights:

Wrap Around Cardboard Tubes

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One idea is to wrap the Christmas lights around a cardboard tube, either a tube from the wrapping paper or toilet paper rolls. Not only does it seem like it would work well, it’s a great way to recycle cardboard tubes.
Wrap Around Cardboard

Or, as Martha Stewart suggests, you can wrap Christmas lights around pieces of cardboard. Simply cut the cardboard out and wrap. I tried this one year and decided it wasn’t worth the trouble for me, but it might work for others.

Put In Plastic Bags

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Finally, try putting each Christmas light in a plastic bag. You wrap as normal, put the light in the bag, and place in a a box. The idea is that the plastic keeps the lights from getting tangled and allows you to label what’s inside. You can use ziplock bags or recycle plastic shopping bags.
How do you store Christmas lights?

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