The TV Cozy

Image courtesy of Little Birds Handmade
I like the idea of a TV Cozy. The worst problem with TV is how easily it becomes a habit. So I had this idea awhile back–a decorative cover for your TV that makes watching it more deliberate. If you have a TV Cozy, you have to get up and take it off before watching TV, which means you also have to consciously think about whether or not to watch. Martha Stewart has some instructions on how to make a TV Cozy. It looks as easy as making a pillowcase, and with the right fabric, it could look great in the room.

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1 thought on “The TV Cozy”

  1. some years ago i made one for our large flat TV, with a bogolan. my partner wanted something to prevent flies from pooping all over the screen (and to prevent dust and damages due to the sun). sometimes, people visiting our place for the first time, don’t even notice there’s a tv undercover! it makes that big black rectangle disappear in a nice way.


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