The Shower Is Done

Our shower is finished!
I have mentioned our ongoing bathroom remodel before on here. It is taking a long time because Mr. Savvy only has time to work on it one day a week. Also, our bathroom was really gross and needed a lot of work. Here is the original tub:

Here is what it looks like now:



It’s sad that I can’t get better pictures of the finished shower (it’s cramped in there), because it looks great. Also, putting the new shower in was a lot of work. We had to remove the old tub and linoleum, plumb the new shower head and faucet, and put in new cement board behind the tub. Then we had to tile:

It took three months.
Next we’re starting tiling the floor.
My goal is to get the bathroom completely done this year. I hope we make it.

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  1. It looks fabulous! I love the stripes of color in the white tile…bathroom renos are so much work, but so worth it when they are done!

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