The Ledge Desk/Media Center

savvyhousekeeping small space furniture the ledge
I like the looks of this little desk called The Ledge by Urbancase. It is 42″ x 18″ x 7″ and can be installed on any wall. It has a tray that comes out that you can put a laptop or media player on, and it has a hole in the back for a plug to come out.
savvyhousekeeping the ledge small space furniture
As far as furniture for a small space goes, this isn’t as good as the murphy desk, but it is very stylish and could provide a small workspace where there wasn’t one before. And it also comes in red:
savvyhousekeeping the ledge small space furniture
I like this, but I think it is astronomically overpriced at $1,500. Still, do you notice The Ledge is about the size of a bureau drawer? If you ask me, this could serve for some mighty fine DIY inspiration. (Via Design Milk)

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