The Edible Schoolyard

Chef Alice Waters has been working with a middle school in Berkeley, California to turn a one-acre vacant lot into a vegetable garden. The kids not only help in the garden they eat the food from it too. Not only is the food incorporated into their school lunches, there are kitchen classes that teach the kids how to cook the food.

The kids get exercise and learn math, biology, and practical skills that will stick with them their whole lives. Alice Waters calls the project The Edible Schoolyard.

Alice Waters: Edible Education on

I love this. There’s no reason schools all over the country can’t have vegetable gardens. It’s a great way to solve the issue of unhealthy school lunches.
As Alice Waters says in the film, “So that the cafeteria is no longer a catering operation in some part of the school but where the cafeteria is brought into academia and there’s a kind of life breathed into it. ” [Notcot]

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  1. I live in Bakersfield, Ca and an article in our local paper) covered a garden for an elementary school here that was inspired by Alice Waters Berkeley garden. A local business woman ( Grimmway Farms- local carrot farming family- Grimm) is heading up the effort through the family foundation. Ms Waters is scheduled to make an appearance in the next week or so. Thanks for the post.


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